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InteracInvestor Review

InteracInvestor logoAre you interested in becoming a global trader from the comfort of your home? With advancements in IT such as cloud computing, it now possible for you to conduct online trading without the need to physically visit any brokerage house or hold one-to-one meetings with experts. You can collect all the tools and market reviews that you require to conduct online trading while browsing a trading platform. The first step is to sign-in with a trustworthy trading platform. In this context, you will find InteracInvestor to offer an all-in-one brokers solution. In the following InteracInvestor review, I will elaborate the top three features of this trading platform for your benefit.

Types of Accounts

InteracInvestor offers its clients a total of six trading accounts to opt from. These accounts are customized to various types of trades based on the financial background and trading goals of the clients.

The accounts offered by InteracInvestor ranges from Standard to VIP Account with a minimum deposit varying from US$ 10,000 to US$ 1,000,000. Choose an account that best fits your financial needs regardless of your level of expertise. The traits, merits and rewards offered by InteracInvestor amplify as you move up the ladder on the type of account.

For Muslims, InteracInvestor offers the option of Islamic Account which is an interest-free, halal account in compliance with Sharia laws. Islamic account is swap-free thereby levying no overnight fee or rollover interest.

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Algo Feature

Very few online traders have the technical capability to offer Algo feature to their traders and InteracInvestor is one of them. InteracInvestor offers its cutting- edge Algorithmic software based on artificial intelligence and machine learning to clients who are interested to trade large volumes in multiple assets in a real-world market environment.

You need to provide a specific set of clearly defined instructions that best suit your specific requirements and trading objectives to the Algorithmic software for variables such as quantities, price and time or any other trading model that fits your needs. The Algorithmic software executes orders at the best possible prices and places trades instantly and accurately at correct timings. It also performs simultaneous automated checks on multifarious market conditions. Due to lack of human intervention, it is free from any manual mistake or human emotions which reduces transaction cost as well as saves it from any negative emotional influence that may affect the outcome of trading.

Additionally, the Algo feature offered by InteracInvestor can handle enormous numbers of trading in order to generate profits at a speed and frequency that no human broker can match.

Best Execution Policy:

InteracInvestor is established on the basis of providing a fair-trading environment to its traders. It pledges to act in the best interests of the customers when trading and take reasonable care to achieve the most advantageous terms for the traders by putting clients’ interests first above their own incentives. Consequently, InteracInvestor aims to provide “best execution” by trying to get a better price than what is currently quoted publicly, the nature of the financial market under consideration, and the likelihood and speed of execution keeping in view the type of asset being traded.

When executing orders on behalf of its clients, InteracInvestor also identifies the “best” liquidity sources. Also, it takes all reasonable steps to obtain superior results taking into consideration factors such as the size of trade or settlement period relevant to the execution of the order (“Best Execution”).

Wrapping it Up

In summing up, I would like to highlight that numerous clients all over the world testify to the exceptional services provided by InteracInvestor over an extended period of time. Since its inception, InteracInvestor has established itself as a respected trading online platform on the basis of transparency and integrity. If you are ready to trade with a broker you can trust, then sign- in today with InteracInvestor and make the most of their trading experience.

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